A waiver is a valid legal tool that can be used to limit UCSF's liability when students or members of the public are engaged in University-sponsored activities or use University facilities. Change the waiver only to insert appropriate information into the blanks to reflect the activity. Keep the waivers in an organized and safe location (photocopying or electronic conversion is acceptable in lieu of the original hard copy.) The liability waivers available on this Web Page have been approved by Office of the President and/or the UCSF Office of Legal affairs.

Types of Waivers

The "Individual Elective" waiver is generally used when members of the public or students participate in voluntary University-sponsored activities such as summer camps, recreation classes, field trips, etc.

The "Individual Required" waiver is for activities or field trips that students must take in order to pass a required class. These are supervised academic activities used for required trips and activities where University employees acting within the course and scope of their employment supervise the participant. This waiver form omits the provision that waives University liability for losses that result from its own negligence.

The "Athletic" waiver is specifically for students participating in inter- or intra mural sports activities.

The "Facility Use" waiver is used for individuals using UCSF facilities for non-University events or gatherings.

A "Group" form is also included, to be used in conjunction with the "Facilities Use"or "Individual Elective" waiver, which is simply a group signature form for use when large group outings are organized.

The "Universal Photo Video Release Form" is for use by departments conducting events such as picnics or fundraisers, for use in promotional publications or on the department website. Any photo or video used in conjunction with a description of the subject's protected health information (HIPAA) should be cleared by the UCSF Public Affairs News office. They can be reached at (415) 476-2557.

If you're not sure which waiver to use, feel free to contact Risk Management Services at (415) 476-2498.


Please use these waivers in the same format as they appear. Case law in California has defined how waivers and releases of liability should be printed, including their layout, bold-faced type, and font size. Occasionally, someone signs the waiver after crossing out certain portions that they do not like, or they add words to modify the waiver. You should not accept an altered waiver.

A parent or guardian should sign the form if the participant is a minor. No one should be allowed to participate in an activity unless he or she submits the signed waiver. Even though the waiver carries the designation "voluntary" to describe it, signing it or not signing it is not voluntary if the person wishes to be allowed to participate in the activity.

You should keep the signed waivers on file for at least two years after the date of the activity. If the participant is a minor, the waiver must be kept until two years after the minor turns age eighteen.

Download Waivers: