Business Travel Insurance

COVID-19 Travel Insurance Updates: Please navigate to the UCOP Travel Insurance webpage and click on the "Coverage for COVID-19 While Traveling" document link on the right-hand menu. The document will be updated as conditions change:

When traveling as part of work or school, UCSF faculty, staff and students face a host of new risks for which they may be unprepared. When that travel takes staff out of the country, those risks multiply. UCSF Risk Management and Insurance Services (RMIS) can help you and others in your department access to a variety different sources about travel safety including:

Worldcue Trip Planner

You can use Worldaware's travel planning tool, Worldcue Planner before booking business or personal trips (domestic or international). This tool will allow you to learn more about the city/region you are traveling to, including information on health issues, required immunizations, safety and security, culture, language, transportation, weather, and currency exchange rates. This service is free and available on the MyAccess menu.

Business Travel Insurance

The coverage is provided at no cost to travelers. Pleae be aware that there are different levels of coverage which begin when you are 100 miles away from your usual place of work and if you are traveling within the US or outside of the US. Coverage benefit summaries and more information including claim forms are available at the UCOP travel assistance website. UC Travel Insurance may not include coverage for some types of travel and certain situations. Please read the UC Business Travel Benefits Summary or the UC Student Off-Campus Travel Benefit Summary carefully.  

Who is Covered?

Faculty, staff, and students traveling on official University business are now covered worldwide, 24 hours a day. This includes between 7-14 days of personal travel intermixed with your business travel. The benefits extend to their spouses, domestic partners, children and companions traveling with them.

Coverage Benefits

Benefits are provided at no cost, and there is no need to purchase a separate trip policy. Coverage includes: 

Emergency Medical Evacuation

If you are injured or become ill and cannot be treated locally, United Health Care Global/WorldAware will provide emergency transportation to the nearest hospital where you can be treated.

Out-of-Country Medical Referral & Expenses

If you are overseas and need to be treated because you are sick or injured, call the hotline number for the location of a local physician and/or hospital. This coverage will pay your medical expenses and/or provide a payment guarantee to the local medical provider.

Security Extraction

If you are in a dangerous situation outside of your control, United health Care Global will coordinate with the WorldAware program to get you out of danger.

Travel Assistance Services

If you need temporary financial assistance, lose your passport or need other travel-related assistance, you can call the hotline for assistance.

Loss of Personal Effects

Value of lost or stolen items as outlined in the 'Summary of Benefits' on the UCOP travel assistance webpage. 

Domestic Travel Benefits Include

  1. Emergency Medical Evacuation
  2. Hospital admission guarantee
  3. Accident/sickness medical expense benefit (class 1 only*)
  4. Accidental death & dismemberment
  5. Repatriation of remains

Domestic benefits are available when traveling at least 100 miles away from one's home or permanent place of residence.

*Class 1 consist of all students and traveling companions* of the University of California registered at any campus of the University while in an off campus activity sponsored by the University of California and when traveling at least 100 miles away from one's home or permanent place of residence.

*Travel companion means a person or persons with whom the Insured has a coordinated travel arrangement and intends to travel with during the covered trip.

Registration for Travel Insurance

Coverage is provided at no cost to eligible University travelers. However, accurate information on your travel plans is needed in order to deliver the services and protections the travel insurance policy offers. All travel booked using BCD Travel or UC Travel Center on Connexxus will automatically be registered.
Employees using other booking methods must register their travel plans prior to departure: Register online here. Important: You will be prompted to print a confirmation of coverage card after registering. The card contains contact information to help travelers obtain services. Please do not forget to print this card.

Please review the information on how to book travel and request access to Connexxus here:

Registration for Worldcue Traveler

Once you register for travel insurance, you will be provided a link to set up a traveler profile. You can fill out emergency contact information and add additional email addresses to receive alerts at this link. If you have already enrolled in Worldcue Traveler and need to access your account, click HERE. Your email address will be your user name.

Proof of Insurance to Acquire a Visa

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for instructions:


Travel Policy Guidance

Understanding UC Travel Policies

For more travel resources, please see this webpage:

Contact Andrew Sinclair if you have additional questions about safe travel planning.