Certificates of Insurance

Agreements and contracts which the University enters into generally require insurance limits and evidence of the insurance via certificates of insurance. Certificates of insurance or self-insurance are issued by both the contractors'/vendors' insurance carrier and the University to meet the contract requirements and evidence financial responsibility should a loss or claim arise out of the agreement or contract. Please access the following link for frequently asked questions regarding insurance certificates and insurance requirements for doing business with the University of California: Certificate of Insurance Policy

Please review the Supply Chain Management webpage on policies that apply to purchasing: https://supplychain.ucsf.edu/policies

Insurance for Vendors/Consultants/Contractors Who Don't Already Have Coverage

Insurance for contractors, consultants, and other vendors doing ongoing business with the campus can be purchased here: Vendor Insurance

The cost of the vendor/contractor coverage is $750 for one year. It's good for one year for all work the contractor does with the University of California at all UC locations. At the department's discretion, it can add some or all of the insurance cost to the total value of the contract.

Certificates of Insurance for The University of California

The University of California Certificate of Insurance is available online to be provided to our vendors and partners. This certificate evidences the University of California's proof of current General Liability, Auto Liability, Property and Workers' Compensation insurance. 

If you are a UCSF department and require a more specialized certificate (such as a venue that is insisting you issue a COI with the venue listed as an additional insured), you may now request a specialized certificate of insurance by contacting Andrew Sinclair at 415.476.3460 - please send the required language, certificate holder name and full address and coverage limits with your request.

You may also request a Professional Liability certificate through this portal: https://ucinsurancecert.alliant.com/Pages/Landing.aspx. Please select one of the following as the ‘Requestor’s Location’ to request a Professional Liability Certificate:

*UCSF Medical Center – Langley Porter

*University of California, San Francisco – Fresno

*University of California, San Francisco Campus Health

*University of California, San Francisco Medical Center

*Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital

Please do NOT select University of California, San Francisco or your request will be denied and will need to be re-submitted.

For any questions regarding Professional Medical and Hospital Liability (Professional Liability) certificates of insurance, please contact the Medical Center Risk Management Office: Phone: 415.353.1842, fax: 415.353.8566.

Certificates to be Received by the University

Vendors: Please email (or have your insurance agent/broker email) your Certificate of Insurance to your contract specialist or buyer you are working with to finalize your contract. Please do not mail certificates as we cannot guarantee receipt. The Certificate Holder/Additional Insured should be as follows:

The Regents of the University of California
UCSF Risk Management and Insurance Services
UCSF Box 1338
San Francisco, CA 94143-1338

Special Events Insurance

Insurance for vendors participating in one-day events put on by the campus can be purchased by going to: http://ucsf.campusconnexionsuc.com/other-constituents/tenant-user/event-vendor-liability.html

The vendor/exhibitor coverage runs around $100. It's good for the day of the event only. Again, at its discretion, the department may add some or all of the cost to the total value of the contract.  

If you need assistance, please contact Andrew Sinclair at 415.476.3460.