Student and Renters Insurance Resources

Renters Insurance:

  • Renters Insurance provides coverage for personal property lost or damaged due to theft, vandalism, fire and certain natural disasters (including earthquakes) up to your policy limits (which you choose). The policy also includes personal liability protection for injury caused to another person or damage caused to another person's property due to the student's negligence up to the policy limits.
  • Renters Insurance coverage is available for purchase by all UCSF students, staff, post-docs, residents and faculty. Click here for more information and to apply.

Tuition Refund Insurance:

  • Tuition Refund Insurance provides coverage for unanticipated withdrawal from school due to a medical condition. The policy will provide coverage for medical withdrawal (100% benefit), mental or nervous disorder leading to medical withdrawal (75% benefit), death of the student (100% benefit) and death of tuition payer (if different than student) that leads to withdrawal (100% benefit).
  • The Tuiton Refund Insurance also has additonal benefits which include: Small gadget theft coverage for items such as cell phones, digital cameras, etc., up to $400 per claim (limit two claims per year/five items per claim), personal computer damage protection for physical and viral damage, up to $1,000 for each type of damage. Identity Theft protection and resolution services, and Emergency Evacation coverage. More information is available here.

All of the above insurance is optional, and you are free to purchase similar coverage elsewhere if you wish.

Student Travel Insurance:

The UC Business Travel Accident Insurance Program is available to students who travel as part of a UC-sponsored trip. This may include work-study or other trips where the trip is supervised and/or paid for by UC. Click on this link for more details and instructions on how to register.

Students may also be covered for personal travel through various UC programs: Click here for more information.

Registered Campus Organization (RCO) Event Insurance:

The University of California has created an insurance program to cover Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs) for most on-campus events. Events covered by the policy are paid for by the University. However, RCOs are responsible for making sure their event is covered.

As you plan your event, it's essential that you make the appropriate insurance arrangements. Don't put it off; take care of the insurance now! Click here for more information and to register your event.

For more information, feel free to contact Andrew Sinclair, Risk Control Analyst at 415.476.3460.