Medical Malpractice and Hospital Liability Claims

Medical Center Risk Management

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Please contact the Medical Center Risk Management office if:

  1. You are seeking information or assistance relating to a patient injury
  2. You are requesting a physician’s professional liability loss history or need confirmation of professional liability coverage
  3. You are a physician who has received a subpoena or a lawsuit
  4. You need assistance with a contract relating to professional liability coverage

Professional Liability

The University of California has a self-insurance program for medical professional liability called the UC Hospital Medical Professional Liability Program. It provides professional liability coverage to all UC employed health care workers and trainees performing clinical activities consistent with the course and scope of their employment or training program at a UC owned hospital or an affiliated site, such as San Francisco General Hospital. Activities in a concurrent private practice or while moonlighting at another institution are not covered. The University's coverage includes providing:

  1. Defense by an attorney hired by the University
  2. Indemnity (payment of any settlement or judgment)

Exclusions from coverage through the self-insurance programs include: professional activity not within the course and scope of employment, including unauthorized research; activity that may lead to misdemeanor or felony criminal charges; unethical behavior as set forth in the Medical Staff Bylaws, the AMA Code of Ethics and/or policies of other professional medical groups; refusal to assist with the defense of a case as may be required; acts or omissions to act due to actual fraud, corruption or actual malice; punitive damages.

UC Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-9, describes the professional medical and hospital liability program.

Malpractice Claims History

medical informational handout is available which explains the insurance carriers, history of coverage, and coverage amounts.

Refer any requests from other institutions for verification of your coverage and a claims history for the time you were working at UCSF to the UCSF Medical Center Risk Management Department at 350 Parnassus Avenue, Suite 507, Box 0207, San Francisco, California 94143.

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Please Note: Medical Center Risk Management is a separate entity which reports to the School of Medicine Dean's Office