Equipment Maintenance Insurance Program

What is the UC Equipment Maintenance Insurance Program (EMIP)?

The UC EMIP offers up to 25% savings on an annual contract for equipment maintenance and repair, while allowing you to choose which company will perform the maintenance and repair.

UC EMIP highlights:

  • Cost Reduction - reduces your current equipment maintenance contract by up to 25%
  • Vendor Control - Keep your current service provider or let The Remi Group help you locate qualified, responsive service vendors. You also have the ability to change your service vendor at any time during the contract period.
  • Equipment Tracking - Online equipment management and reporting tools to help you keep track of services performed.
The program covers all equipment that is primarily electronic in nature, such as:
  • Laboratory/Scientific
  • Clinical/Biomedical
  • Radiology/X-Ray
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Security Systems
  • Information Technology Systems
  • Audio/Visual Systems
  • Other equipment may also be enrolled, feel free to ask if your equipment is eligible.
Please note:
  • The UC Equipment Maintenance Insurance Program is not designed for Preventative Maintenance (PM)-only agreements. If you send a PM-only agreement for a quotation, you will receive a quotation for a full-service maintenance and repair plan.
  • All equipment must be enrolled in the program before maintenance or repair service is needed.
  • The program is also not designed to work with Software maintenance agreements, but most manufacturers will split up software and hardware maintenance services (ask us for more information about software updates versus upgrades).

To Receive a Proposal:

Send copies of the following documentation to the Remi group, via email, or to Andrew Sinclair, Risk Management and Insurance Services, Box 1338, or by fax 415.502.7476:

  • Copies of actual service contracts with current pricing and terms & conditions. This will allow The Remi Group to match the customized coverage you currently have on each piece of equipment and provide you with an accurate quote.
  • If you do not have current service contracts, please send a list of the equipment you would like quoted with the manufacturer and model numbers, item number, serial number, purchase number and location.

The Remi Group will analyze your current service contracts and develop a customized proposal specifying equipment coverage and cost savings within 7-10 business days.

For additional information, please contact:


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